The History

The beautiful farmhouse was built in the early 1800’s by William B. and Lizzie Dorsett on a picturesque, 400-acre farm in Silk Hope. Although the house has undergone several restorations and renovations over the years, the original structure of hand-hewn logs and chinking is still the heart of the house.

I was very happy when the family gave me permission to call our beautiful Wedding Estate, Dorsett House, as I believe that it is important to preserve History, honor and celebrate those who came before us – their lives, their legacy and their inspiring stories of perseverance and toil. 


William B. & Lizzie Dorsett

Members of the Dorsett family still remain an integral part of this farm and are very dear to us. They have shared with us, so many of the stories, legends, laughs and yes… even a ghost or 2 and were generous enough to gift us with wonderful memorabilia of the people who braved the wilderness to build an enduring legacy. I can never thank them enough.

Located at

815 Harold Hackney road

Silk Hope

NC, 27344

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